What is Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment?

“Mediated Learning” was something naturally practiced in former generations. This way of naturally learning by conversation and questioning is an important part of Feuerstein’s approach.

Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment is a cognitive program developed by Israeli psychologist Reuven Feuerstein who proved to the world that intelligence is not fixed; rather it is modifiable and able to improve according to a student’s environment, exposure to stimuli, and the mentors that interact with the person on a daily basis. Feuerstein developed specific resource texts and exercises (“instruments”) that address and strength individual cognitive processes. FIE is excellent for anyone who wants to grow in their capacity to learn and think well, including gifted learners, average learners, and those with learning differences.

At Ransom Fellowship School, students benefit from Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment each meeting day as a part of the core curriculum.

RFS Student working on “Organization of Dots”- one of the Standard Level 1 FEI instruments.
Professor Reuven Feuerstein