Visual Art Classes

“The greatest thing in all my life has been the longing for the place where all the beauty comes from.”

~C.S. Lewis “Till We Have faces”

We offer a unique opportunity in visual art training for students ages 7 to adult. Our visual art classes are taught by instructors trained in the atelier art method. The atelier art method emphasizes fundamental drawing and painting skills that build up the ability of the artist to create in a way that yields true visual impact. Knowing that anyone can learn to draw and paint very well with the right teaching and patient practice, we welcome students of all ability and experience levels.

In atelier training, drawing is always the first step. Once drawing skills are established, students can begin to learn paint handling, paint mixing and systematic color theory. Just like other subjects that are mastered in a sequential way that makes sense, visual art can be learned one step at a time until a student is ready for all the complex decisions required for painting well. Master copies are utilized as one way to develop the eye and skill of the student. Like a musician who first learns to play his instrument skillfully by learning music already written by great composers, an artist will flourish by taking time to “tune” their own skill to the level of the masters who have produced art impacting the imagination of the world for centuries.

The proof of the atelier method lies in the beauty of the work produced by students who have practiced it, and by the sense of success felt by each student.

Students do not need to know how to draw or paint to take this class! Everyone starts at the beginning of the process, first learning the basics and moving on to more advanced projects according to the individual development of the student.

“The atelier came into our lives as an answer to prayer for our daughter whose unique way of seeing the world presented as many challenges as it did advantages. Mrs. Davis helped our daughter learn how to leverage her strengths in order to grow in diligence, while thinking deeply and thoroughly about her work. Mrs. Davis has created a learning environment where truth and beauty inform every excellent endeavor.” ~Mrs. Mindy Whitley, Atelier Parent

2023 Spring/Summer Schedule

2023 Spring Classes:

Fridays beginning March 3rd to May 19th from 1 p.m.-3 p.m. Age 13+ We will not meet on March 10th or April 14th.

Cost: $250 including supplies (Collected in person first day of class)

2023 Summer Classes:

Fridays beginning June 2nd- August 11th Ages 7-10 (9-11 a.m.), Ages 11-13 (11:30-1:30 p.m.) Ages 14 to 18+ (2:00 p.m.-4 p.m.). We will not meet on two Fridays- June 23rd and July 14th.

Cost $250 including supplies (Collected in person first day of class)

*Students who are new to the atelier method will begin with drawing exercises and projects before moving on to painting.

2023 Fall Class:

Mondays September 18th- November 13th 1:30-3:30 pm

Ages 7 and up. Cost: $250

Additional Information about Summer Program:

We will hold an art exhibition for student work in early August for parents, friends, and relatives to attend.

We will provide one or two “make-up days” (dates TBA) for students who miss summer classes due to traveling, etc.

Students who are interested in long-term mentorship in visual art will be able to continue lessons and/or classes through the fall/spring 2023/2024. Atelier training is best when it is studied and practiced over a number of years.

Please use the contact form below the images to request a class.

Atelier Exercises
2022 Summer Art Classroom
Drawing and Sculpture by Autumn Krauth, 2022 Summer Art Student
Oil Painting by Adele Whitley, 2022 Summer Art Student
Atelier Exercises by Mrs. Amy Eller

“We must teach our eyes to look at nature. There are some who have never seen it and never will.”

Jean Simeon Chardin
Charles Bargue Master Copies by High School Atelier Students
Painting by Mrs. Davis, Oil on Board
Previous Summer Oil Painting Class
Summer Art 2022 Ages 7-12
2022 Summer Art Class
Plein Air Painting by Mrs. Davis
Chalk and Charcoal Drawing by Mrs. Davis

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