Sign Up for March 15th Talk:

“Life and Legacy of Reuven Feuerstein”

“Intentionality + Meaning = Growth”

Join us for warm discussion and fellowship as we discuss the life and methods of the great Israeli educator and psychologist Reuven Feuerstein.

This meeting will be held at the home of Kevin and Holly Davis, located in the Middletown/Jeffersontown area. This meeting is open to all homeschoolers and those interested in Christian, classical education.

Please fill out the contact form, introduce yourself, and we will send you the address for the meeting. We hope to meet you there!

Reuven Feuerstein

“Society puts people into boxes. My method dissolves those boxes and opens up the future for those people.” ~Reuven Feuerstein

“It is our job to find the strengths in every student.” ~Reuven Feuerstein

“Intelligence is not a static structure, but an open, dynamic system that can continue to develop throughout life.” ~ Reuven Feuerstein