Perelandra School of Art

“Spring” by George Inness 1825-1894

A Renewal of Beauty

“Art shines a light of meaning on ordinary life. Through the pursuit of beauty we shape the world as a home, and in doing so we both amplify our joys and find consolation in our sorrows” ~Roger Scruton

Have you ever examined the work of Old Masters such as Rembrandt and Caravaggio and wished to see such beauty emerge in our day? To cultivate this kind of soul-stirring beauty in our culture we must know how to create it. To create it we must learn how to develop the necessary skills. Like learning to play an instrument skillfully, excellent drawing and painting ability does not happen by magic. It is learned from a mentor, practiced, and cultivated with imagination to bring forth work that is able to impact the human heart. While some are born with a strong desire and even high natural ability in visual art, drawing and painting skills can also be developed in those who don’t seem “talented” but are willing to learn and practice.

Perelandra School of Art is one of the few places in the world where one can be mentored in traditional methods of drawing, painting, and sculpting.

Our traditional-style visual art classes build thinking, perception, historical knowledge, recognition and love of harmony, and are designed to be formational to the student. Like all the classes at RSF, wisdom and virtue are emphasized.

Director and teacher Mrs. Holly Davis has mentored students of all ages for over a decade. Many of her students have won awards for visual art on the local and national level. Mrs. Davis’ own work has been recognized in the Kentucky Governor’s Exhibition at the State Capital and in the NYC area at the Da Vinci Initiative Exhibition.

Portion of Wall Painting from the Villa of Livia- 1st Century B.C.
One of Mrs. Davis’ Oil Painting Classes