How do we measure “success” in our child’s education? Can it be judged by test scores or grades alone? How often do we consider maturity in character, attention, and perception? A human being made in the image of God is much too complex and wonderful to be judged only by answers given on a piece of paper. There are many ways to grow and mature. One problem with many modern schools is a lack of vision for what human maturity and wisdom looks like. Classical education retains its clarity of vision due to the timeless models of virtue and wisdom found in centuries of great literature, Christian history, and ultimately, Jesus Christ Himself.

“Boys in a Pasture” by Winslow Homer (1836-1910)
“Giving Thanks” by Henry Ossawa Tanner (1859-1937)
“The Banjo Lesson” by Henry Ossawa Tanner (1859-1937)

“Let knowledge grow from more to more, but more of reverence in us dwell, that mind and soul according well, may make one music as before.” ~Alfred Lord Tennyson