Ransom Fellowship School is a Christian and classical academy providing high-quality, individualized education for students with specific learning needs.

12211 Old Shelbyville Rd. Suite A- Middletown, KY

What parents are saying about RFS:

“Ransom Fellowship School has been a wonderful blessing for our family. Within the first week of school at Ransom, we began to notice a monumental change in our son. He came home every day relaxed and happy, and would tell me he loved me and would thank me several times each day. He is learning in an environment where he has room to breathe and be himself while also learning how to organize his thoughts, consider others, gain confidence, and recognize the beauty in God’s creation. As a result, our relationship with our son and our family life as a whole has radically improved.” ~Mrs. Amy Eller, RFS parent

“Students at Ransom Fellowship School benefit from the knowledge of teachers who understand the processes by which students learn. Subjects of study are interconnected to build a solid foundation for how things relate to one another, the world and life.  RFS provides creative opportunities that are tied to areas of study.  RFS maintains a high standard of excellence in all things. Personal growth of the students is encouraged in academics, social/emotional interaction, and spiritual areas.  RFS offers an environment with minimal stress as support is always available to the student when needed.” ~Mrs. Anne Dole, RFS parent and teacher

“Mrs. Davis is a knowledgeable and patient teacher who gives herself fully to the success of each student while instilling a love of learning with individualized attention and care.” ~Mrs. Terri Krauth, RFS Summer Atelier parent

“Mrs. Davis has created a healing environment where truth and beauty inform every excellent endeavor.” ~Mrs. Mindy Whitley RFS Summer Atelier parent

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